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3M Lava Crowns Smart Smile Makeover

Smile Signature dental bangkok clinics in Thailand have a dedicated dental laboratory using the advanced CAD and DAM 3M Lava Design System in delivery natural-looking all ceramic crowns by 3M Lava.

Usual Price
% Savings
THB Savings
3M Lava Crowns (1 to 5 teeth)
32% off
3M Lava Crowns (6 teeth upwards)
34% off
Treatment fees applies to standard cases, Full Mouth Rehabilitation cases fees may vary

The dental crowns prmotions at dental bangkok are subject to changes without prior notice. Australian dental prices are simply estimates using exchange rate of USD1 = THB36.

Dental crowns promotion are applicable now till 31st March 2016


3M Zirconia All Ceramic Lava Crowns

Unlike porcelain fused to metal crowns, all ceramic crowns contains NO metal content. With high-strength zirconia ceramcis, the zirconia Lava crowns by 3M makes it now possible to have dental crowns and dental bridges done on front and back teeth.

Smile Signtaure's has a dedicated dental laboratory for its all ceramic zirconia crowns and bridges. Our dental lab in thailand is one of the two labs in Thailand with the digitalized 3M Lava Scan ST and Lava Design Software System Platform.

Dental Crowns

The new Lava™ Scan ST consists of one of the fastest high-quality scanner on the market. The scanner digitalized teeth impressions on the computer screen. Thereafter based on Lava Design Software System Platform, crowns and bridges are designed. Color, shades, transluency and contour are specified on screen.

The completed crown design is then seamlessly transferred to the Lava CNC 500 Milling Machine. The 3M Lava Milling machine then mills the raw zirconia blocks into the specified crowns. The 3M Lava Scan ST and Lava Design Software System allows full control of the final all cearmic crown restoration from design through milling, shading and sintering to full-contour and veneering. The Lava CNC 500 Milling System is able to run for 76 hours straight.

Dental Crowns


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