Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is the removal of teeth and is done when:

  • the tooth is severely decayed
  • there is advanced periodontal disease ("gum disease")
  • the tooth may be broken such that it cannot be repaired
  • other teeth may need removal because they are poorly positioned in the mouth (such as impacted wisdom teeth)
  • preparation for orthodontic treatment ("braces")

Normal teeth extraction is a simple process and is normally completed in one visit done by your thailand oral surgeon. After tooth is removed, the gums is usually left to heal before the gap is replaced by dental bridges, dental implants or dentures in preventing predispose teeth in the long term.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Surgical removal of impacted wisdom tooth is the removal of impacted third molars that normally grow in at around age 18 to 20 years. 

A wisdom tooth is just as useful as any other tooth if they grow in properly with a proper bite relationship and healthy gum tissue. If the wisdom tooth does not erupted properly, they are referred to as impacted. Impacted teeth can result in infection, decay of adjacent teeth, gum disease or other problems. Many dentists thus recommend the removal of impacted wisdom teeth to prevent potential problems.

Your thailand oral surgeon does a checkup and examines corresponding x-rays to determine if the teeth are impacted. Every case is different and only your oral surgeon can determine if there is a reason for you to have a tooth removed.

Dental consultation, diagonsis and treatment plan with our dental specialists will first be required before oral surgery takes place. See ouroral checkup and dental promotions